Hello! I'm Amine

Ph.D Student & Professional Blogger
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Who's Amine?

Amine is Ph.D. student in the last year of postgraduate studies in physics. He has published some academic papers in Bioenergy. He’s also interested in psychology as he has a deep belief that this latter has the potential to make people’s life happier and healthier.


How Zenlifeguru Can Help The world?

In Zenlifeguru we believe that each one can be the best version of himself, and our role is to inspire people on how to become the best person that can motivate and encourage the others, and one by one we can build the world that we dreamt of.

We have a clear vision of how we want to see the world, this vision makes our goal in sharing the knowledge -which means the power- that can make our life look better and our dream looks bigger.

Our team hold engineers, students, and Ph.D. students, that have the intention to spread the positive energy which the present world is in need of it, this energy come from the high level of conscience that enlighten our life and sooner will shine from Zenlifeguru into the entire world just with the power of the intention.