How To Boost Immune System For Coronavirus: 5 Easy And Effective Tips Will Help You In This Challenge

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Behind the CHALLENGE of Coronavirus good

The inhabitants of the earth are going through an unprecedented challenge. And the history has never witnessed such a scenario in which people from the East to West are taking a very difficult challenge.

But this challenge is accompanied by the raising of the level of collective awareness.


This is a sure thing, we just have not to look with glasses that we accustomed to seeing through it, or that we accustomed to the media.

So that we can see the bright side of what is happening inside the spread of coronavirus.

The purpose of this article was to refer to the positive side of the events witnessed by mankind and how to boost immune system for coronavirus or any other virus.

Of course, everything has two inseparable parts. This is a universal law called the law of polarity, the negative side that you have known from the media that spread terror and panic unless a few of it.

The positive side is what I will seek to Remind and Refer to it through this article.

The POSITIVE side of Coronavirus

The law of polarity is defined as that at the end of each party or pole there is the opposite of its beginning.

That is means that in the core of this horror, which is the result of the spread of a small organism.

We can see the cooperation of peoples together with each other, and this is the positive party from the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


I would also like to point out that this is an opportunity for each one to experience the strength of his faith and what is meant by faith here is its holistic concept and not necessarily the religious concept.

Because at the end, and the purpose of writing this article is to strengthen the faith and purposefulness of people from different nationalities, religions, and races.

The test of the individual to the feelings of fear and panic is natural.

That because we are emotional creatures, and sensing these negative feelings is a sign that there is a defect in connecting with the source of energy, or the superpower, or God. (Depend on what you may call it).

Is TIME to reconnect with the SOURCE

In this case, all you have to do is to restore your balance. The danger is that the person will remain in this state for a long time, which stops his immune system.

According to some scientific research, feeling angry for five minutes disrupts the immune system for six hours.

Imagine if what all the humans of the earth are experiencing those feelings of fear and panic.


How this will affect their immune systems. Knowing that the only way to eliminate viruses (coronavirus) is immunity and nothing else. And this is the opposite of bacteria that can be eliminated with antibiotics.

Caution is imperative in curbing the spread of the epidemic. Just as dealing with the situation by staying in our homes will be an opportunity to reset many things.

And by this, we will have struck two birds with one stone. Because with this wise behavior we would have provided our nations with great supports in curbing the spread of the epidemic. As well as developing ourselves for the best by valuable practices.

In light of the current capabilities, caution and carefulness remain necessary, even a national duty.

But there is no need for phobia because, as I mentioned earlier, it destroys the immune system.

So keep your tranquility and your inner peace. This is the challenge that every individual takes inside the misguided media that aims to intimidate.

Which is surely some benefit from this fear and panic. So be smart and do not let them take from you the inner peace. You are in the test of Coronavirus.

Be your BEST version

Also, behind every challenge that has evolved, when one looks at how this global challenge can raise his capabilities and skills, and I will suggest some points for you.

If you know that your body’s immunity is your only weapon in this battle, then work to strengthen it.

For example, make your diet rich by living substances, reduce as much as possible of processed sugar.

Scientifically, two tablespoons of sugar weaken your immune system for two hours.

Sleep well also helps for making your immune system more reliable and very strong.

Make exercises a part of your life, it is a lethal weapon that strengthens you not only physically but even mentally and emotionally.


As for moods that fluctuate without controlling In it, the time has come to take care of it.

Because I was moody and nervous, perhaps more than you, but I was able to change from this severe nature, which causes a loss of energy, as it is accompanied by the weakening of immunity.

Also, do not neglect the spiritual side, so science has proven that spiritual energy is one of the highest frequencies.

Be Positive, to Reinforce IMMUNITY against any virus

And always remember that at the end of every ordeal, hardship, fatigue, sadness, and pain there is another positive side.

The more you train yourself to see the bright and positive side, the more your happiness, your enjoyment, your delight in life, and of course your health becomes better.

Where natural immunity against the most powerful viruses (coronavirus).


Above the head of everyone we have a pharmacy, the brain can produce compounds that would defeat the strongest viruses. That may threaten our lives.

But this only happens if the immune system is set at the highest levels, and that is possible.

Let me help you touch some of the positives that are revealed in the misfortune of this dismay and panic.

Some parents will stay in their homes with their children who have not sat with them, perhaps for years, due to the reason of working and the lack of time.

Brothers reviving the bond of kinship among them, and I have personally witnessed an example of this.

A person sharing his home’s WiFi with the children of the neighbors who have to study from home.

The development that education will witness in more creative ways.

Countries that will help each other despite their ideological or religious differences.

The pollution has reduced because of the staying home policy…

The Hidden Power in Humans

And of course, if you are a person with a positive character in his thinking style and way of life, you will inevitably find more positives about this global epidemic.

So if you are a person who is away from positivity. Then you will say that life is difficult, and that talk is easy, or that is a Conspiracy, and that they aim to reduce the population of the earth, and that some benefit from this situation in selling medicines


And all of this may be true. Because you obviously find it comfortable to play the role of the victim who has no trick in hand, and that the subject is out of his control and he cannot do anything, and this may also be true.

Confucius once said, “The Man Who Says He Can And The One Who Says He Can’t Are Both Right”.


But let me told you about the scientific theory called “The Butterfly Theory”.

Which states that the movement of a butterfly can change the direction of a hurricane.

That is mean, the effect resulting from the flutter of a butterfly’s wing may result in very large changes.

Pause for a moment and reflect on how a butterfly wing can create a huge and massive change.

While the fact that human energy can illuminate a 100-watt lamp is also scientifically proven.


Your only weapon is immunity

This lengthy introduction to how to live life in a more positive way, which is a choice to save you not only from Coronavirus but from the most powerful viruses.

Now, you have the option to complete the path of your life as you used to do before.

Playing the role of the victim, who does not have a trick, and who spends the entire day from morning until evening tracking the events of the world and the latest developments about the number of injured in a state of panic and terror.

And in this case, you will help neither yourself nor the world around you. But you can surrender yourself to the Creator of the universe by re-aligning you with the source of energy.

To find your balance and inner peace, and then your immune system will be strengthened and you will become stronger.

Or you’ll do your best to sharpen the saw and learn how to boost immune system for coronavirus or any other virus.


Do not forget only that there are, of course, those who benefit from this fear and dismay that one suffers from.

Thus facilitating control over it. And even being aware of my words, let’s imagine how the parents do to make the child under control.

Most educators resort to the policy of intimidation to control the behavior of the child. And I will not go in the details if this method wise or not.


I hope that you have touched even a small part of your true strength and how to boost immune system for coronavirus and any other virus.

And the feelings of fear that one experiences when hearing a case of injury or even death.

In this case, the immunity is disrupted and thus becomes vulnerable to the simplest virus.

Your destiny is now in your hands. You choose to live a life of fear and panic or a life of peace and tranquility. Where perfect health and invincible immunity.

In this article we’ve seen 5 tips that surely will help you build a very strong immune system:

  1. Try to see the bright side of any pain (No pain no gain)
  2. Reconnect with the source, Don’t fear death because finally, we’re all dead. I have a strong feeling that corona doesn’t kill but fear does.
  3. Take every challenge as an opportinute to develop your skills, thoughts, and belief.
  4. Be positive because bad feelings and emotions shut down your immunity.
  5. Believe that you’ve hidden power within you and you’re more powerful than you think.


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