22 Amazing skin care routine for dry skin and oily skin That Will Help You Look Beautiful

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Daily skin care routine for dry skin and oily skin at home is a must of every female that wants to look beautiful.

Unlike the body, facial skin is more exposed to external factors such as sunlight, wind, and other such factors that the skin is in direct contact with.

Some women are satisfied with the process of cleaning the skin daily in the morning and evening, and although it is a healthy and beneficial step, even that is not enough to give you the freshness and the necessary smoothness.


The nature of the skin, especially the regeneration of cells and secretions, imposes the need to adopt an effective daily skin care routine at home to balance the fatty secretions, lighten the skin, and remove dead cells.

Skin care steps differ from one woman to another, of course, depending on the type of skin (fatty, dry, sensitive, mixed).

So according to the opinion of field experts 22 natural skin care tips must be included in the daily care routine, because of its great importance in protecting the skin and giving it freshness and smoothness.

1. Determine your skin type

Why you should know your skin type. Simply to go directly, asking for the skin care routine for oily skin for example if this is your type of skin.

Before adopting any skin care routine, it is important to know your skin type, to avoid the consequences that may result from using a cream or cleanser that does not match your skin type.


Know your skin type and make sure to buy the appropriate creams and cleansers for it. The skin type is classified into three types: oily skin, dry skin, and normal skin, and there is a fourth type mixed between oily and dry skin.

2. Clean your skin

The skin care routine begins with a cleansing of the face, washing the face with warm water to open up the pores, then use a facial cleanser suitable for your skin type.

Gently clean your face with circular movements of 50 seconds. Knowing that some cleaners prefer to leave for a minute or two to obtain better results, and then wash with cold water well.


This step is necessary, and even if you have the best skin care cream or the best skin care products for acne, without cleaning. It will be hard.

3. Make toner for skin care

After cleaning the skin and after drying it with water using a clean and soft towel. Apply toner, this latter helps in completing the cleaning and removing impurities that remain on the skin.


This simple skin care routine can help you get the result that you want, and it is a preparatory treatment before using an antioxidant serum.

Most of the detergents contain ingredients such as oil. Preferably during the application of toner, avoids the eye area.

4. Moisturizing the skin


After the toner dries, take a small amount of moisturizing cream and gently apply it to the skin in circular motions.

The importance of this step is to perfectly care for the skin, give it moisture, and make it more healthy and refreshed.

5. Get rid of dead cells

In the framework of your daily skin care. Peeling of the skin is a must and it is advisable to do it twice a week because daily exfoliation will cause the pores to open up more often.


Then apply the scrub on the sides of the nose, forehead, and chin, it should be rubbed carefully.

Peeling is one of the daily skin care routine at home that will help get rid of dead cells.

6. Put face mask

This step of your daily skin care routine at home will give you the best result, with a good feeling.

After cleaning and peeling. Now it comes to the role of a face mask. There are many products of skin masks in this regard, and it is sufficient to prepare the mask at home using natural ingredients.


Provided that the time left on the skin does not exceed 15 minutes for the best skin care routine for dry skin as well for oily skin.

7. Avoid itchy facial skin

Regardless of how itchy, resisting the urge to scratch the skin is good for your skin.

Since scratching or touching it with unclean fingers or even with a dry towel over and over is a reason why bacteria build up.


Even the best antioxidant serum with best skin care products won’t help if you still touching your skin face all time, especially with unclean hands.

8. Avoid squeezing pimples

There is no doubt that the presence of pimples in the skin of the face is very annoying. Pushing the lady subconsciously, to squeeze it with the hand to try to remove it.


But this matter prefers to avoid it completely, as it leaves dark traces and marks that are difficult to remove from the skin.

So it is advised to avoid pressure on the pimples with your hands permanently, whatever they may be your hands are clean!

9. Use appropriate skin care products

When using products that suit your skin type for one or two months, without getting the desired result, you must change to another brand.

Do not restrict yourself with products that do not give the necessary addition to your skin.


Whatever antioxidant serum you have used or even the best skin care products that people recommend it to you.

Don’t stick on products that don’t give the results you want.

10. Drink plenty of water

You may be wondering what water drinking has entered into skin care.

The answer is that drinking water in abundant quantities protects facial skin from flabs and reduces the appearance of pimples and acne.


Also, drinking water helps flush out toxins, and all these functions will lead to glowing and refreshed skin.

If you really care about your skin drink enough water. Because even if you practice a daily skin care routine at home with the best skin care products or the best antioxidant serum, the effect will be poor if you neglect water.

11. Apply sunscreen

Medically and aesthetically, it is highly recommended to apply sunscreen on sunny summer days for all skin types.

In order to give full care and protection from sunlight that causes darkening of the skin, and lead to the appearance of dark signs that are difficult to disappear.


Also, antioxidant serum protects your skin against environmental and UV damage which can harmful.

Find the best skin care products, because investing in your skin is something that really matters.

12. Remove makeup before bed

Among the things that spoil the health of the skin and destroy its freshness; Sleeping with makeup.

So if you are looking for the perfect skin care, do not forget to remove makeup before bed.


It is true that on some days, you may feel tired, and removing makeup is the last thing you think about, but make sure your skin will thank you for doing so.

Allure makeup remover is one of the most important skin care products. Don’t forget that your daily skin care routine at home will require some Sacrifices.

13. Apply spray to the skin

To pamper the skin and give it double glow and freshness. Make sure to follow this simple step and make it part of your daily skin care routine at home.


The two-layer natural spray can be made at home with natural ingredients, chamomile and mint syrup in which you need: 

  • A spoon of dry chamomile flowers. 
  • A spoon of dried mint leaves. 
  • Two cups of water. 
  • Leave the ingredients to boil for 15 minutes.
  • Then leave for 10 minutes. 
  • The mixture is filtered and kept in a spray bottle in the refrigerator for a day, after it is ready for use.

14. Sleep properly

Wrinkles on the face may be caused by poor posture and lack of sleep. Make sure to get enough hours of sleep a day.

And if possible, always sleep at night. People who work during the night and sleep during the day are more likely to have wrinkles.


Moreover, make sure to sleep in a good position to prevent neck wrinkles. The best sleeping position is one in which your head is slightly above your body.

Use a soft, silky pillow for your head, too. this small truck will help for the skin care routine for dry skin and oily skin.

The importance of skin care ask you to sleep enough, in a good position.

15. Glycation can be harmful to your skin

Your body hydrolyzes “simple carbohydrates,” such as processed sugars (refined) and white flour.

Then quickly converts it into glucose and then spreads into the blood.

When that happens, your body reacts by producing insulin to counter the high levels of glucose.


Which leads to inflammatory enzymes that relate to collagen in the body. Through the process of oxidation known as “glycation”.

This process breaks down collagen and elastin in addition to contributing to aging and gives the appearance of wrinkled and flabby skin.

16. Avoid foods which might be irritating

There are many reasons that lead to the appearance of acne, including hormonal changes in the body.

The best treatment for acne is the one that includes a comprehensive approach with medical treatments and a healthy diet.

Photo from Freepik, designed by Zenlifeguru

Daily skin care routine at home with the use of appropriate products and a healthy lifestyle diet can help to promote skin health.

In a study that showed that sugar causes exacerbation of acne because it contains oxidizing properties and increases blood sugar, which once ingested turns into glucose and raises insulin levels in the body, as well as dairy and processed food, all that leads to inflammation that spreads throughout the body.

17. Take care of your stomach

Have you heard about the relationship between skin and stomach problems?

One of the most important recent studies on the relationship between the state of the stomach, the foods we eat, and the skin.


These studies have proven that skin problems are linked to the stomach, with one study investigating 13,000 teenagers with acne who were more susceptible to intestinal problems such as constipation and heartburn.

The study also found that flatulence affected 37% more likely to acne.

Try to make healthy food combined with your simple skin care routine.

18. Skin care need you stay active

The reasons that encourage us to exercise are many, including maintaining health, fitness, and feeling good…

Whatever the motivation of each of us, we can all agree that the benefits of sport are clear. There is, however, a hidden benefit: obtaining healthy skin.


As for the best type of exercise for the skin, all exercises are good. But it is wise to mix different exercises as possible.

Try adding 30 minutes of simple yoga or brisk walking three times a week, and soon you will see that your hair and skin are better-looking.

This is a simple skin care routine that will help you, especially if you can make it as a daily skin care routine at home.

19. Be in a good mood

We all may notice some changes in our skin when we are in a state of stress and anxiety.

Before an important job interview. Before an important date such as a wedding or a move to a new home or in more painful periods like that, as a dear illness or even his death.

So these pressures may be reflected on our skin through a condition that may reach severe rash.

The reason for this is that when you feel stressed, your body releases cortisol and other hormones that lead your fat cells to produce more and more fat. This makes you more susceptible to rashes.


Many studies have found a clear link between mental health and skin disorders, and some studies have shown that stress can harm normal and healthy bowel bacteria and therefore have a negative impact on the skin.

Cortisol is a very powerful steroid, which may paralyze part of your immune system which can affect on your skin care routine for dry skin.

Causing you to be more susceptible to colds and flu-like symptoms, as well as increasing your skin’s exposure to allergens.

This is one of the simple skin care routines that will give you amazing results.

20. Don’t smoke to keep your collagen and elastin

More than 4,000 different types of chemicals can be found in cigarette smoke.

Many of them may destroy collagen and elastin, which maintain the skin’s elasticity and flexibility.

When collagen and elastin are damaged as a result of actual or passive smoking, the skin becomes fatigued and wrecked, which makes us look older than our real age.


The effect of chronic smoking reduces the absorption by the skin of an adequate amount of oxygen and other nutrients, which makes it appear pale, tired, and wrinkled.

Sometimes we can see different colors of skin for smokers. This mainly occurs in the elderly, after several years of smoking.

I know that is one of the hardest steps (quit) but it’s possible. And I believe in you, as I did it you too can do it.

21. Use vitamin C can help with skin care routine for dry skin as well oily

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is one of the water-soluble vitamins.

It helps maintain a healthy body; because it contains many benefits, it is an antioxidant, which helps the growth of body cells, tissues, and repair. 


In addition to strengthening the immune system, it also contributes to the production of collagen, which promotes the health of the skin.

Vitamin C has many skin benefits and one of the most important:

  • Burn treatment and wounds
  • Treating sunburn
  • Protect the skin from pigmentation
  • Improving the internal structure of the skin:
  • Fight aging

You should know that almost all antioxidant serum contain Vitamin C.

22. Follow a healthy diet

Even if you use the best skin care products including the best antioxidant serum, it won’t help if you eat junky food all the time.


There are many healthy foods that will positively reflect on your outward appearance.

Through the health of your skin and hair, and the brightness of your eyes. Let us remind you here that I dedicate some foods and drinks that you should not neglect from your daily diet:

  • Nut
  • Manga
  • Salmon
  • Legumes
  • Carrots
  • Blueberries
  • Citrus fruits: lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc.
  • Spinach
  • Green tea


Persisting in these steps in your daily life will save you from many problems that may be difficult to eliminate or prolong the treatment.

And don’t forget that caring for and guiding your skin should be a habit that does not leave your day and not a reaction to skin problems caused by your neglect!

And don’t forget that using the best skin care products with the best antioxidant serum will not give the best results if you neglect the simple skin care routine.

This skin care routine for dry skin and oily skin may give the best results if you stick on it, then It will give you the best results.


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